Assessment Committee

The Division of Student Affairs Assessment Committee is charged with directing and managing the assessment work in Student Affairs and helps to provide professional development, assessment strategies, and support to individual departments. The Committee also looks at aggregate research data regarding our students to provide meaningful information about our students to the Division.


Dayna Weintraub, Student Affairs Research & Assessment (Chair)
Bonnie Abedini, Student Health
Mukul Acharya, Residence Life
Sasxia Agustin, Center for Latino Arts & Culture
Juhi Bhatt, Compliance/Title IX
Anthony Doody, Student Engagement
Michelle Drapkin, Counseling, ADAP, and Psychiatric Services (CAPS)
Nicholas Emanuel, Dining
Timothy Grimm, Dean of Students
Francesca Maresca, Health Outreach Promotion, and Education
Amy Miele, Student Conduct
Samantha Coren Plum, Recreation
Zaneta Rago, Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities
Mark Schuster, Graduate Student Life
Eileen Tarrant, Student Affairs Business Office (SABO)

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee is charged with putting together a strategic plan for Division members’ professional development.


Anne Newman, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students (Chair)
Rachael Padua, Residence Life
Ryan Bissonnette, Leadership and Experiential Programs
Michelle Jefferson, Dean of Students Office
Diana Uvegas, Finance and Administration
Peggy Policastro, Dining Services
Carlos Fernandez, Cultural Centers
Janice Strickland, Student Conduct
Lisa Smith, Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance
Paul Herman, CSA Program
Jeff Zeszotarski, Recreation
Stephanie Bond, CSA Graduate Student
Juhi Bhatt, Student Affairs Compliance

Bias Prevention and Education Committee

The Bias Prevention & Education Committee identifies and examines issues and trends affecting campus climate and makes recommendations for educational programming and initiatives to restore communities in the aftermath of Bias incidents.


Anne Newman, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students (Chair)
Laura Luciano, Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance
Sandra Rocio Castro, Dean of Students Office
Atiya Aftab, Middle Eastern Studies
Zaneta Rago-Craft – Cultural Center Collaborative
Rabbi Esther Reed, Chaplains/Hillel
Delia Pitts, Office for Diversity and Inclusion
Maren Greathouse, Tyler Clementi Center
Dan Morrison, Residence Life
Paul Fischer, Rutgers University Police
TBD, Student

Diversity Council Membership

Neela Patel, Student Centers
Keywuan Caulk, Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities
Zaneta Rago-Graft, Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities
Merz Lim, Asian American Cultural Center
Jannah Handy, Intercultural Intiativies
Jordan Shyi, Leadership and Experiential Learning
Donald Moore, Fraternity and Sorority Affairs
Francesa Meresca, Health Outreach, Promotion and Education
Laura Luciano, Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance
Stacy Trukowski, Recration
Nick Emmanuel, Rutgers Dining Services
Jeff Broggi, Office of the Dean of Students
Anita Molinari, Student Centers
Larry McAllister II, Marketing
Kerri Wilson, Off Campus Living and Community Partnerships
Modinat Sanni, Residence Life