Division of Student Affairs is committed to the educational and development of all of our staff. Professional development occurs through individual, group, and Division-wide initiatives that enhance core professional competencies.


We hope to sustain a culture of professional development, where employees are offered and engage in activities that help staff members improve their professional practice.


Activities we offer to staff members to help them do their jobs better.

Professional Development

The complete education and development of staff members. Professional development includes all knowledge and experiences that staff members receive that makes them better professionals.

Training Pieces

  • Graduate Student Orientation
  • Graduate student training during the year
  • Supervisor training
  • New Staff Orientation
  • Training for all staff (Title IX, Alcohol initiatives, Branding and Visual Identity, Emergency Procedures, etc.)
  • One area of training once a month

Professional Development

  • Self assessment of skills and experiences (competencies)
  • Professional development planning form
  • 180 minutes a month set aside for professional development

Assessment and Evaluation

  • Survey to staff regarding areas desired for training (competencies)
  • Survey to staff regarding areas they can provide professional development and training to staff (e.g., Strengthsquest trainer)