Room BSC 120 AB
Words of Advice for any Woman in Leadership
Dr. Felicia McGinty – Vice Chancellor of Division of Student Affairs
Dr. Colleen Georges – Positive Psychology Coach, Speaker, Educator and Author.

This session covers the major organizational, cultural, societal and personal obstacles to women succeeding in senior positions and help us examine our:
· Boundaries: are we clear what we will accept?
· Assertiveness: how far will we go?
· Courage: would we blow a whistle for this?
· Personal resilience: have we got enough?
· Networks: Do you have allies, critical friends, friendly critics?

Room BSC 115 AB
Sister Girl, I am Going To College: Navigating High School and the College Admissions Process (High School Students ONLY)

Jackasha Wiley – Director, Upward Bound and Pre-College Initiatives for Student Access & Educational Equity within Undergraduate Academic Affairs
During this interactive session, participants will create a “College Bound Resource Kit ” that highlights academic resources, student leadership and advocacy techniques, grade specific checklists, financial aid planning, scholarship strategies to make the transition to higher education smooth and successful.

Room BSC 117
Understanding Intersectionality in STEM
Dr. Geraldine Cochran – Dean of the Douglass Project for Women in STEM
Women in STEM maintain dual-identities; that of women and that of scientists. Given the underrepresentation of women in STEM fields, generally speaking, this impact’s both how women see themselves and how they are perceived by others. As human beings, we possess multiple identities and the ways in which these identities interact, known as intersectionality, results in educational and career experiences that vary widely. In this presentation, research investigating intersectionality in specific STEM disciplines, and STEM in general will be discussed. The presenter will also share experiences during her academic and professional journey as an African American woman in physics.

Room BSC 122 BC
The power of Vulnerability
Misty Denham-Barrett, Residence Life Coordinator
So often young women are told that their vulnerability and emotions are weaknesses that they should learn to hide and control. However, I have found it to be quite the opposite. In this session we will discuss the power of vulnerability and the impact one can have on the world through embracing your emotions and using them to connect to others no matter your field or focus!

Room BSC 174
What happens to High School ‘Mean Girls’ in College and Beyond? Negotiating Power and Competition
Dean Rebecca Reynolds – Dean of Advising and Mentoring and Director of the Mary I. Bunting Program – Douglass Residential College
This interactive discussion will address the phenomenon of girls bullying girls in high school as a way to police sexuality and identity, and how that changes and/or dissipates in college and beyond. The discussion will deal more directly with gender, power and competition in the workplace.

#stemHERstoryRUSponsored by University-wide Campus Partners, this initiative is geared towards celebrating the women who dedicate their careers to the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields while raising awareness to the overall Rutgers Community.

image004The goals of the #stemHERstoryRU campaign are:

  • Continuously showcase women dedicated to careers in STEM
  • Educate and provide resources and support for women currently pursuing opportunities in STEM
  • Promote, empower, and encourage young women interested in STEM and provide role modeling opportunities.

ContactFor more information about the conference please contact Karima Woodyard