In order to best empower students to advocate for their own educational and developmental needs, Rutgers University provides different student-centered resources. These services are intended to make our Ethic to Care a reality, and make sure that students have access to services they may require for everyday activities, or in times of need. While some services, such as Housing and Dining Services, are provided at an additional fee, there are many services at Rutgers that operate at no extra cost to students.

All service areas are staffed with qualified professionals in their area who understand the specific needs of their student population, from licensed lawyers in Student Legal Services to RNs in Health Services.

Services are spread out among all five Rutgers campuses. Even though it may be on another campus, or for a specific population, services are available to the entire Rutgers student population. Students and families are encouraged to explore some of the services highlighted on the left. We encourage students to take advantage of all the services they feel fit their needs, from the student looking for student employment opportunities in a student center, to the student consulting Student Legal Services about an apartment lease.


If you don’t know where to start when looking for assistance, please contact the Dean of Students office.

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