I Am Authentic

We have the freedom to be our genuine selves as we seek to find our place in this large community. We welcome differences and challenge assumptions as we strive to build connections that are sincere and meaningful.

I Am Inclusive

Through discovery, dialogue, and development, we grow together in an environment free from judgment, stigma, and fear. We celebrate our diverse backgrounds and are committed to being a place in the world where ideas, identities, and compassion converge.

I Am Responsible

Upholding the highest values of trust, honesty, and integrity, we believe that our actions significantly impact our personal journeys, our communities, and our larger society. We are thoughtful leaders who protect each other, inspire action, and tackle challenging problems.

I Am Resilient

We come from all corners of the world and travel between many campuses and cities. Our Scarlet Pride is evident as we overcome obstacles with grace and grit while striving to achieve our goals. Our greatest tradition is change and it drives us to persevere and succeed.

I Am Engaged

Our Rutgers experience ignites purpose within us and inspires us to get involved. We share our stories, discover our talents, collaborate with one another, and become better global citizens, all while applying the lessons we learn On The Banks.

I Am A Scarlet Knight

I Am Rutgers