October 6, 2017


Dear Students,

Over the last year, the Division of Student Affairs has worked with the Cap & Skull Senior Honor Society to create the Knight’s Call – a code outlining the values and expectations for all members of the Rutgers community. Being Inclusive is a Knight’s Call principle; it reminds us that we must stay vigilant in our commitment to ensuring that all members of our community feel welcomed, valued, and included in the Rutgers experience.

In answering the Knight’s Call, we have launched the Rutgers Inclusion Campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to promote the inclusion of all students in the fabric of the Rutgers University–New Brunswick community, with the goal of advancing a climate and culture that encourages social interactions that support a profound appreciation and celebration of our differences. It will facilitate a learning environment that enhances cross-cultural understanding, break down stereotypes, improve self-awareness, and prepare students to be stronger, richer, and more dynamic citizens.

The campaign title, “I Am Rutgers/There is a U in Rutgers” serves to inspire you to take ownership for your Rutgers experience (“I Am Rutgers”) and seeks to remind us all that we have a shared responsibility for the principle of inclusion at our beloved University (“There is a U in Rutgers”). The video created for this campaign conveys this spirit of inclusion and diversity and features true-life accounts from real Rutgers students. I hope you’ll take the two minutes to view it, and allow yourself to be moved, inspired, and committed.

To learn more about the campaign, and ways to get involved visit inclusion.rutgers.edu.

Warmest regards,
Dr. Felicia McGinty
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs