April 3, 2018


Dear Scarlet Knights,


In response to the viral flyer circulating calling for violence against Muslims on April 3rd, we are countering that message of hate and intolerance by asking members of our community to show each other acts of love/kindness. This campaign is a call to action, directly in response to the campus message sent by Chancellor Dutta last Friday, March 30th.


I’m reaching out today to ask for your support in this week-long campaign that starts today and runs through Friday, April 6th by getting involved, and paying acts of kindness forward. To help facilitate these acts of love/kindness, we have created a “Bingo” sheet to serve as a prompt. A copy is attached to this email, and you can also pick one up at the information desk of every student center. We invite the campus community to post acts/expressions of love/kindness on social media using #LoveAScarletKnight.


Finally, I want you to remind all members of our community that they are supported, and valued. Our diversity is what makes us unique, and it helps to foster a learning community where differences are embraced, and ideas are challenged with civility and respect.

Peace, Love, and Scarlet Pride!


Dr. Felicia McGinty
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Rutgers University–New Brunswick