Image result for Rutgers Livingston Student CenterSaturday, March 30th 2019
Livingston Student Center 10AM

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– Welcome by Dr. Felicia McGinty, Executive Vice Chancellor for Planning and Administration

– Performance by Dr. Melanie Hill

– Dr. Jewel Plummer Cobb Reflection with Suzzanne Douglas Cobb and Cobb Family

– LSC Room 201B – Kathi Love “How to Negotiate Your Salary” 

– LSC Room 201A – Henah Parikh “Living Your Life with Purpose” 

– LSC Coffeehouse – Sondra Roberts “Be a Brand That’s Known to Do Good, Be Great” 

– LSC Gathering Lounge – Issata Oluwadare, Funmi Ladigbolu, Dr. Andrea Osei, Carolyn Andia “This is a Man’s World, or is it?: The Experiences of Women of Color in Male Dominated Fields”

– LSC Room 202AB  – Juhanna Rogers “Behind the Woman: Turning Losses into Lessons & Leadership

– LSC Room 111  – Young Alumni Panel “Preparing for Life After College as a STEM/Healthcare Professional

– LSC Room 202C  – Janet Conroy-Quirk “Finding Empowerment Through Body Positivity”

– LSC Board Room  – Jeanne Fox “What Millenials Need to Know About Climate Change”

– Visit Conference Engagement throughout student center including “Ask Dr. J About Feminism” Discussion in the Coffeehouse

– LSC Room 202AB – Dr. Melanie Hill “She lives in Music: Reimagining Black Women Preachers’ Sounds of Justice and Freedom Visions” 

– LSC Coffeehouse – Steffanie Gallante “Programming Your Mind for Success” 

– LSC Gathering Lounge – Physicians Panel “Women of Color R Physicians”

– LSC Room 201A  – Maddie Brooks and Lisa Lovell “Transitioning to the Workplace”

– LSC Room 201B  – Carly Conroy & Meghan Longo “Rutgers University Information Session”

– LSC Room 111  – Jessica Tuazon “Honing in on Your “Ah-Ha” Moment