R Family Council

The R Family Council is a representative group of Rutgers–New Brunswick parents and families who serve as an advisory group working in close collaboration with the Division of Student Affairs to help families foster a positive and enduring connection to the university. Council Members commit to volunteering time, sharing knowledge, and expertise to programs that support the mission and goals of the Division of Student Affairs. 

A Message from Council member Melissa Montuori P’24

“Rutgers University can be a huge and intimidating place, and parents have so many questions, even as our young adults learn to live on their own. Some parents are very connected to their students, while others just want to know how to pay the bill. During the past two years, the experience was even more disorienting without the connections students would normally make on campus to learn everything they need to know. Students and parents alike turned to social media, and I quickly realized that the resources of this university include some amazing parent advocates who help to provide facts, dispel rumors, and support and comfort newcomers. That’s when I found the R Family Council.

The R Family Council is a wonderfully supportive community of staff and parents who help navigate everything from new student orientation all the way to family graduation photos. As a bonus, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some terrific new people, both online and in person. I can only hope to pay forward a little of the invaluable information, resources, and friendly help that they have provided to our family.”

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Council Roles and Responsibilities

R Family Council Members will serve a two-year renewable term while they have a student at Rutgers and will be asked to: 

  • Attend three meetings each year including the fall semester, spring semester, and summer. 
  • Join at least one subcommittee:  
    • Social Media Ambassadors - This program encourages peer-to-peer interaction among parents and families by supporting Ambassadors in generating positive energy online, serving as a resource for their peers, and spreading the word about campus-related events and programs.   
    • Welcome Ambassadors - This program facilitates a personal introduction by phone or email to new Rutgers families from current family members. This helps foster a sense of care and community among parents and families.
    • Special Events - Parent and Family Engagement and the R Family Council host events throughout the school year. Members of the special events committee will give feedback on proposed events, be a part of the event volunteer staff, and assist with the promotion of the event.
    • Website and Collateral - Help other parents by sharing your experience when creating content for the Council web page, Parent and Family Newsletter, social media posts, and other communications of the Council.  
  • Volunteer for at least two Parent and Family Engagement or Council sponsored events such as Monthly Meetings, Parent Town Halls, Parent and Family Weekend, Siblings Day, Parent Orientation. 
  • Help to recruit future R Council members  
  • Assist in developing, piloting, and facilitating future engagement opportunities 

If you are interested in learning more or becoming a member, complete our R Family Council Interest Form.

R Family Council Interest Form

2021-2022 R Family Council

Photo of Anna V. Higgins Anna V. Higgins P'24

Photo of Anthony Caltabilota Anthony Caltabilota Jr. P'25
RU Shield Cathy Rudawski P’22,22,23
Photo of Charlene Kerns Charlene Kerns P'24
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Photo of Melissa Montuor Melissa Montuor P'24
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Photo of Sheryl Fallon Sheryl Fallon P’22,24
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