Residence Life Move-In Teams: Common Q&As

Move in staff

What’s a Move-In Team? 

With every move-in day at Rutgers comes a Move-In Team: a team of students from clubs, fraternities, and sororities, as well as individual student volunteers, that work with each other to greet and assist incoming students and their families. The Move-In Team as we currently know it has existed since 2013. Prior to that, there was a smaller “Move-In Crew” which consisted of residence life student staff and some students from fraternities and sororities.

What does a Move-In Team do? 

Moving into a college residence hall for the first time can be difficult for families. According to Josh Adlerman, Coordinator of Administration and Operations, it is common for families to bring “...extra furniture, moving/storage bins, and duplicate items for a room (think two roommates who both bring a vacuum)!”

This is where the Move-In Team comes to the rescue. They help families decide what is necessary and what isn’t (and, in some cases, what can’t be brought into the residence halls). They also greet incoming students and assist the students and their families with a variety of tasks, from pointing them to the dining hall to helping them carry boxes of belongings up to their new room! 

Finally, Rutgers is one of the largest residential colleges in the country. Lots of people and lots of items means Rutgers can get incredibly busy. Having a Move-In Team helps efficiently get belongings to where they need to be and relieve the stress of the system!

Why should you join the Move-In Team? 

Well, as Josh Adlerman points out, “being a member provides the unique opportunity to be one of the first campus touchpoints for incoming first year and transfer students.” It’s a chance to show students who are moving onto campus for the first time what a great community Rutgers is. The Move-In Team helps students create a comfortable living space that sets them up for success during their college career. But, more importantly, they help new students feel welcome in a caring and supportive environment.

Additionally, all students who volunteer with the Move-In Team will be able to move into their residence hall assignments early. They will also receive a T-shirt, breakfast, and bottled water the day of their move-in shift. If any student organizations have 10 or more members participate in a Move-In Team, Residence Life will offer a monetary donation to the organization, and, for any Greek organization with 10 or more members participating, Residence Life will offer them the choice of a monetary donation or that the hours served may be counted towards their required community service or volunteer hours. 

For more information and to sign up to be part of a Move-In Team, click here:

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