Emergency Assistance

Students, for more information on how to receive Emergency Assistance, contact the Dean of Students


Every year, we witness students who are struggling to continue their education after experiencing an unforeseen emergency or catastrophic event such as a house fire, accident, theft, or family member death. Others struggle with food insecurity, homelessness, and domestic issues that threaten to derail their academic goals. There is no face to hunger, victimization, or tragedy. We are committed to providing the safety net our students need to push through their immediate crisis and persist in their studies at Rutgers.

Emergency Assistance Fund

Provides one-time financial assists to students experiencing unusual and non-chronic financial hardships (i.e. house fires, burglaries, medical emergencies, etc.) who have exhausted all other resources. Donate now

LGBTQ Student Emergency Fund

Provides supplemental educational emergency assistance to LGBT identified students who are facing financial hardship, often as the result of family separation or challenge due to their social identity. Donate now

Food Security Fund

Provides immediate relief to students deemed to have inconsistent access to adequate food. Support for this fund helps ensure that no student goes hungry at Rutgers. Donate now