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To cultivate an evidence-based and outcomes-driven culture of assessment that leverages data to inform decisions, practice, and the holistic student experience.


Student Affairs Research and Assessment provides the skills and tools necessary to examine and evaluate how programs and services optimize student learning.  Assessment is a collaborative process; therefore, we seek and engage community partners, staff, faculty, and students in our approach. We support the learning of all Rutgers University-New Brunswick students by

  1. Informing the campus community about our students’ stories and their lived experiences;
  2. Developing the capacity of the Division of Student Affairs and other stakeholders to collect, interpret, and communicate evidence to tell our story;
  3. Providing opportunities for students to engage with research on campus climate;
  4. Simplifying and demystifying the assessment process; and
  5. Helping departments align their departmental goals with the University strategic plan.

Core Values

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Staff members maintain and assure the highest of ethical standards, accuracy, and consistency with design, implementation, and usage of data and students’ information. We honor and treat all students’ experiences, views, and identities with respect and free of judgment, and commit to transparency when reporting results.

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We believe all members of the Student Affairs community have the capacity to collect, analyze, and interpret data, and it is our responsibility to make the research and assessment process accessible to all.

Community Icon ImageStudents and Community

We seek ways to foster engagement of staff and students in the research and assessment process for the advancement of Student Affairs, university initiatives, and professional development.

Inclusion Icon ImageInclusion

We are committed to narrating data that depicts the diversity of Rutgers University-New Brunswick and how student populations experience the institutional climate differently in the context of their multiple and intersecting identities.

Tradition Icon ImageTradition and Pride

Quantitative and qualitative data collection efforts will help identify experiences and behaviors that contribute to life-long connection and affinity with Rutgers University.  We inform the campus community of how to measure and interpret history, institutional pride, and university traditions.

Guiding Framework

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Assessment Cycle

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Research and Assessment Flowchart

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Diverse Learning Environments Survey (DLE)

Diverse Learning Environments Survey