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At Rutgers University, we celebrate our diversity and strive to be more inclusive while continually improving the culture on campus. We are Scarlet Knights. We are Rutgers.

#RUIDProject: Dan Chulak

A picture of Dan Chulak

This past year Student Affairs introduced the Knights’ Call, which emphasized the traits that put Scarlet Knights in a position to be the leaders of the future. When I first heard the Knights’ Call, it really resonated with me and inspired me to reach for even greater heights. Thus, I’ve centered my #RUIDProject around those principles that run deep through myself and Rutgers.

While at Rutgers, Dan learned to embody the Knights’ Call in everything he did.

Read more on I Am Rutgers online magazine to learn about Dan’s story as well as others. #RUIDProject

A picture of Felicia McGinty
May 2, 2018


Dear Scarlet Knights,

Reading Days have officially begun, and finals are on the horizon. Without a doubt, this is a busy time of year and can leave you feeling overwhelmed. I recall my academic journey during finals, studying for hours in the library and pulling all-nighters. There were often feelings of anxiety because I was worried about failure. Read More…

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