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End_Sexual_Violence_Graphic_ProfileFrom October 9 through 13, our website will be purple in support of “Turn the Campus Purple” week, an annual campaign to raise awareness for dating and domestic violence. Visit for featured events throughout the week.

A Message from Dr. Felicia McGinty, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Felicia McGinty, EdD

Dear Students,

Over the last year, the Division of Student Affairs has worked with the Cap & Skull Senior Honor Society to create the Knight’s Call – a code outlining the values and expectations for all members of the Rutgers community. Being Inclusive is a Knight’s Call principle; it reminds us that we must stay vigilant in our commitment to ensuring that all members of our community feel welcomed, valued, and included in the Rutgers experience.

In answering the Knight’s Call, we have launched the Rutgers Inclusion Campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to promote the inclusion of all students in the fabric of the Rutgers University–New Brunswick community, with the goal of advancing a climate and culture that encourages social interactions that support a profound appreciation and celebration of our differences. It will facilitate a learning environment that enhances cross-cultural understanding, break down stereotypes, improve self-awareness, and prepare students to be stronger, richer, and more dynamic citizens. Read more…

At Rutgers University, we celebrate our diversity and strive to be more inclusive while continually improving the culture on campus. We are Scarlet Knights. We are Rutgers.

Democracy Challenge Bronze CampusRutgers University–New Brunswick has been awarded a bronze seal from the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge for having a student voting rate between 50% and 59% for the 2016 elections.

For more information about the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge, visit For a list of participating campuses, visit

2017 Most Promising Places to Work in Student AffairsWe are honored to be recognized again as a promising place to work in the field of student affairs. Since our last recognition in 2014, we have placed great emphasis on further strengthening the organizational environment within the Division of Student Affairs at Rutgers University–New Brunswick. Our tag-line, “There’s a U in Rutgers,” emphasizes the responsibility that all divisional staff members have with shaping the divisional culture positively for all stakeholders. The steps that we have taken to build upon our last recognition have led to an influx of new talented staff into the division and to a renewed commitment by current staff towards achieving a high level of excellence in all we do. In the past year, we have had a number of our employees be recognized nationally for their contributions to the profession.

#RUIDProject: Shantell Missouri

A picture of Shantell Missouri
For Shantell, gratification doesn’t always need to come from recognition. She believes she has made a difference in the lives of many people around her without having to step into the limelight or receive any validation.
Read more on I Am Rutgers online magazine to learn about Shantell’s story as well as others. #RUIDProject

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