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A Message from Dr. Felicia McGinty, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Felicia McGinty, EdD

Dear Students,

I am delighted to welcome you to the 2017 Spring semester!

Once again, your presence enriches the campus with a palpable energy, and provides a new opportunity to define what it means to be a Scarlet Knight.

You are at the heart of everything that we do. The mission of the Division of Student Affairs is to create innovative learning opportunities, programs, and services that prepare you to lead, serve, and become engaged world citizens. In order to further this mission by making data-driven decisions, and generating a student-driven roadmap for the Division moving ahead, we will be engaging in a number of surveys, giving you an opportunity to share your voice. Each survey looks at a different aspect of the student experience, so we ask that you participate in all of them.  Continue reading→

A Message from Dr. Felicia McGinty, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Dear Scarlet Knights,

Felicia McGinty, EdD

For the past 250 years Rutgers students have challenged the status quo. Here on the banks of the Raritan, leaders like Paul Robeson, Mabel Smith Douglass, Junot Diaz, and countless others have mobilized our community, and nation around struggles for societal and civil rights. These trailblazers challenged both societal and higher education norms to make our University revolutionary. Today, our core values around diversity and inclusion reflect their abiding commitment to create an environment which respects and affirms the inherent dignity, value, and uniqueness of all individuals, communities and perspectives, regardless of the political climate.

Many of us have been jolted as the current political discourse has unmasked deeply rooted societal and civil rights issues. In this time of change, normalcy is called into question as we see a shift in speech, identities, actions, and policies that were once considered taboo being normalized. We cannot predict what tomorrow will bring; however, fear, hate and blame thrive in the unknown as convenient ways of making meaning out of change. Nationwide, there has been an uptick in hate-related violence and targeting of groups based on individual beliefs or identities. Additionally, concerns abound regarding possible federal policy changes that may impact the lives of many and their loved ones. The demographic of Rutgers mirrors that of the country, so it’s understandable that we face similar concerns here. I write to affirm that your safety and well-being is paramount to Rutgers University–New Brunswick. Resources are available to support you, and can be accessed by contacting the Dean of Students office for assistance and referrals.

As members of the Rutgers community you have both an opportunity and obligation to think critically, and be agents of change. This is your university and you are our future leaders. Now is the time and this is the place where you can question, challenge, learn and grow. Like Scarlet Knights that came before you, how you engage in that discourse will be a testament to your intelligence and humanity. I ask that you do so with civility and mutual respect. As scholars, you are expected to use logic, reasoning skills and words to engage and debate ideas. In doing so, you have an opportunity to learn from one another and embrace the true meaning of revolutionary thinking.

With hope for our future,

Dr. Felicia E. McGinty
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Rutgers University­–New Brunswick

Rutgers Student Affairs staff members share how they make everyone feel part of the Rutgers Family.

2017 Most Promising Places to Work in Student AffairsWe are honored to be recognized again as a promising place to work in the field of student affairs. Since our last recognition in 2014, we have placed great emphasis on further strengthening the organizational environment within the Division of Student Affairs at Rutgers University–New Brunswick. Our tag-line, “There’s a U in Rutgers,” emphasizes the responsibility that all divisional staff members have with shaping the divisional culture positively for all stakeholders. The steps that we have taken to build upon our last recognition have led to an influx of new talented staff into the division and to a renewed commitment by current staff towards achieving a high level of excellence in all we do. In the past year, we have had a number of our employees be recognized nationally for their contributions to the profession.

#RUIDProject: Sydney Schwartz

I grew up in a cookie-cutter suburb 30 miles North of West Los Angeles, an area of Southern California of various incomes and ethnicities. I was not aware of my family’s financial status. I had what I needed. And looking at it now, I got and usually still get things that I want and maybe didn’t or don’t necessarily need.

I may not have been aware of my parents’ finances, but I knew my grandparents liked to treat all of us to nice things. We would go away to resorts for Thanksgiving, nicer restaurants for Mother’s Day and other holidays. I always found it strange that when people asked my dad where he grew up he hesitated, like he was ashamed to say where his parents lived…

Read more on I Am Rutgers online magazine to learn about Sydney’s story as well as others. #RUIDProject

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