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250 for 250: Breahnna Saunders 

On top of being full-time students, we often work part-time jobs, dedicate our time to various organizations, and occasionally, we shower. If you’re an introvert with anxiety, college isn’t easy and it’s certainly not always comfortable. Breahnna Saunders, a graduating senior, continues to work with her introverted personality while maintaining several leadership positions here at RU……Read more of Breahnna Saunders’s Story

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Promising Places to Work in Student Affairs 2018We are honored to be recognized again as a promising place to work in the field of student affairs. Since our last recognition in 2014, we have placed great emphasis on further strengthening the organizational environment within the Division of Student Affairs at Rutgers University–New Brunswick. Our tag-line, “There’s a U in Rutgers,” emphasizes the responsibility that all divisional staff members have with shaping the divisional culture positively for all stakeholders. The steps that we have taken to build upon our last recognition have led to an influx of new talented staff into the division and to a renewed commitment by current staff towards achieving a high level of excellence in all we do. In the past year, we have had a number of our employees be recognized nationally for their contributions to the profession.

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 Committed to excellence and investing in our Students Future

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At Rutgers University, we celebrate our diversity and strive to be more inclusive while continually improving the culture on campus. We are Scarlet Knights. We are Rutgers.

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