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Request a Diversity Peer Education Workshop

Rutgers community members (students, faculty, staff) may request Diversity Peer Educators to facilitate a workshop about the following topics by submitting a program request form. Questions can be directed to

Power & Privilege

This session will allow students to separate the terms power and privilege and learn what they mean in relation to their own identity. Through thoughtful reflection and discussion students will come away from this session with knowledge on how they can use the power they have to confront oppression and internal/external biases.

Race in America

This session will discuss how racial identities play a big role in our society. Students will discuss the first time they noticed racial differences and how those earliest messages shape their thoughts and views today. Students will leave the space understanding how they can use what they have learned to help those that face racial discrimination in their daily lives.

Gender in Society: Trans Identity

This session will create a space for students to have a dialogue regarding transgender identity and transphobia. Students in this session will walk away with a greater understanding of gender identity, what it means to be Trans, and the various forms of biases and transphobia that are ingrained in American culture and society.

Gender in Society: Feminism

This session will challenge beliefs around what feminism looks like, who it is for, and why it is important by looking at it through a critical lens. Students will partake in an engaging discussion on topics around feminism such as gender roles and expectations, groups that have been historically left out of the feminist movement, and how toxic masculinity and toxic femininity play into these perceptions.

Immigration in America

This session will take a step back to look at the roots of immigration in the US to learn in what ways this narrative has changed in today’s society. Students will walk away from this session with a multiple perspectives of what immigration in the United States looks like and learn ways to challenge the current narrative around immigration.

Diversity in the Media

This session will take a look at representation in the media and the biases that are perpetuated in the content. An understanding of tokenism, queerbaiting and whitewashing will be center to the discussion as we reflect on the aspects of media history.

Mental Health & You

This session will highlight the importance of mental health wile unpacking some of the stigmas and on-gong discrimination practices. Resources about mental health help will also be shared.

Police Brutality

This session will talk about the different types of police brutality and who it adversely affects in our society. A discussion will be led on the nuances of this topic in our society.

Diversity Across Faith, Religion & Justice

This session will explore how different faiths represent themselves and how faith-based institutions are viewed in society.

America: An Indigenous & Native Land

This session will explore the history of the land we occupy. Through this exploration we will unpack colonization practices and the impacts it had and continues to have on Native folks.

Courageous Conversations

This is an opportunity for you host an open discussion session where you can work with us to develop a DPE-facilitated dialogue on a current event topic. We will follow up on your ideas to coordinate this session.

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