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Essential Info

The counseling services staff includes psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, and substance abuse counselors, all with expertise in both general mental health concerns and issues unique to a college environment.

These offices serve as a student support network that provides advocacy, problem resolution, and critical incident intervention for those times when additional assistance is needed.

Started in fall 2016, the Rutgers Student Food Pantry is of one of the over 20 food pantries in New Brunswick. It exclusively serves Rutgers students and is located at 39 Union Street on the College Avenue Campus.

Rutgers University Student Legal Services (RUSLS) provides eligible students with no-cost professional legal advice and assistance from attorneys licensed to practice in the State of New Jersey.

Culture and Diversity

Founded in 1999, the AACC showcases the contributions of Asians and Asian Americans through a wide array of cultural presentations, exhibits, performances, demonstrations, lectures, seminars, and meetings. 

The CLAC is dedicated to building a creative space where the Rutgers community can discover and critically explore what it means to be Latinx in the United States, while providing programs and services that use arts and culture as the impetus for educational change.

Founded in 1969, the PRCC is dedicated to serving the Rutgers University community by offering a wealth of programs, initiatives, and services that reflect the rich history, heritage, and diversity of the African diaspora.

The PRCC, CLAC, SJE, and AACC come together to form the Cultural Center Collaborative, which is committed to supporting the needs of Rutgers’ campus communities by creating a welcoming and holistic learning environment for everyone, inclusive of all identities and allies.

Health and Wellness

CAPS staff includes psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, and substance abuse counselors, all with expertise in both general mental health concerns and issues unique to a college environment.

The team educates the college population about nutrition and provides useful tools to help adopt healthy eating habits while dining on campus.

Rutgers hosts over 50 intramural sports leagues throughout the year. Various levels of competition are offered in both team and individual/dual activities, with opportunities for men’s, women’s, or co-recreational play.

Explore over 120 cutting-edge fitness and wellness classes each week, taught by certified instructors on all five campuses.

Recreation provides programs and facilities to meet the physical, social, recreational, and educational needs of the campus community.

The Office of Disability Services provides the necessary tools and support for individuals with disabilities to become responsible decision-makers and self-advocates in charge of their own future.

Student Health provides comprehensive clinical care including medical, pharmacy, and mental health counseling services and is committed to educating the Rutgers community through health promotion, collaborative partnerships, and academic opportunities.

Student Organizations

Campus Labs’ getINVOLVED platform allows students to find organizations, discover events happening on campus, and track/record their activities and memberships to showcase their endeavors.

Rutgers–New Brunswick officially recognizes over 80 fraternities and sororities ranging from the "traditional" to historically African American, Latinx, Multicultural, and Asian-interest.

RUDM is the largest student-run philanthropic event in New Jersey. RUDM’s mission is to provide emotional and financial support for children who are a part of Embrace Kids Foundation.

RUPA is the universitywide student council that serves the entire Rutgers community, providing concerts and comedy shows featuring internationally known artists, the Annual Homecoming Charity Bed Races, entertaining lectures and performances, art projects, and more.

SCREAM Theater and SCREAM Athletes are peer educational, interactive theater programs that provide information about interpersonal violence including sexual assault, dating violence, same-sex violence, stalking, bullying, and peer harassment.

Rutgers sports clubs are student-run organizations that may be instructional and/or competitive in nature, with the competitive clubs pitted against other schools and leagues around the country.