Doing well in college isn’t just about doing well in class. Even if you’re topping the honor roll, if you’re skipping out on working out or hanging out, then you’re missing out. Rutgers University is huge on the wellbeing of all of its students. This is why we’ve created the RUwell!

RUwell is designed to provide students with tips, health hacks and campus resources that will keep their mind, body, and spirit fully boosted and ready for success. With seven ambassadors, each repping a different dimension of wellness, we’re putting wellness on top of the schedule.

RUwell Zoom backgrounds are available free to download!

RUwell Zoom backgrounds

Individual Character Descriptions


Pronouns: he/his/him

Reggie’s here to rep financial literacy and is the one to talk to about wrangling loans, balancing your budget, understanding money talk, and building up your emergency fund. Reggie will get you familiar with your financial foundations, so that you’re solid as a student and grounded as a grad. Bottom line: whatever your financial questions, this money maestro is always happy to throw in his two cents.




Pronouns: he/his/him

Make way for Ulysses, who has learning on the brain. Ulysses is a walking encyclopedia of academic tips, resources, and recommendations. He’s here to point you in the direction of the library, tutor, advising, workshop, or just about anything that you’d like to discover. Ulysses is all about advancing your understanding. Follow along, and you’ll always be in-the-know.




Pronouns: she/her

Tallulah’s here to get your physical wellness into shape, with tips on how to get moving, catch your zzzz, and what to put in your body. With her on your side, you can hit the ground running — no sweat.




Pronouns: she/her

Gail knows the importance of feeling grounded and is your guide to finding meaning and tapping into whatever gets you feeling inspired. Follow her lead and find purpose in a club, cause or a self-care practice. Put your hands together for whatever matters to you.




Pronouns: they/their

Emerson feels right at home when it comes to emotional wellness. They know all about emotions, and is mindful about helping you with yours, whether that’s naming them, working through them, or just having some time out.




Pronouns: they/their

Reece loves this campus as a home away from home and is always ready to help keep it clean and safe. Reece is the first to reduce, reuse and recycle — so don’t even think about being a litter bug when they’re around! When it comes to campus security, Reece stays in tune with their surroundings, isn’t shy about using the safety of a security escort, and steps in when a fellow Scarlet Knight is in need of help. So take a leaf out of Reece’s book and make the campus the best it can be.




Pronouns: she/her

Sunny knows how important it is to find your people! Some of her favorite pastimes include student theater and computer programming groups. And while gaming isn’t really Sunny’s thing, it’s totally cool if it’s yours and she loves hearing about all your gaming friends. It may take some time and courage to find your community, but you’ll be glad that you did!