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Student Affairs

Creating innovative programs to transform the student experience.

Vibrant Community

Comprised of 23 departments, over 1,000 staff members, and more than 2,300 student staff members, Student Affairs facilitates interactions among students, faculty, and staff to promote students' academic success, personal growth, and professional development. Our staff are committed to working with students to enrich the quality of their lives so that they can achieve their goals.

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Vision and Mission


Cultivating transformative experiences that challenge students to be their best at Rutgers and beyond.


With students at the heart of all that we do, the Division of Student Affairs creates innovative learning opportunities, programs, and services that prepare students to lead, serve, and become engaged members of a global society.

Core Values

The following values are central to the Division of Student Affairs as they guide our work and help us fulfill our mission.

Students and Community

We are committed to creating a community that encourages and practices civility, compassion and compassion. The way in which we provide services directly impacts the student experience, therefore we strive to work together to create connections and relationships that help us respond to student needs.


The development and preservation of an inclusive community is characterized by cultural understanding and student engagement. We continue to recruit and retain a diverse staff that reflects the students we serve and are dedicated to providing intentional experiences where students learn from each other.


Because education occurs both inside and outside the classroom, we facilitate a supportive campus environment that contributes to student learning and personal development. Additionally, we seek to inspire students to be engaged citizens within the Rutgers community and beyond.


Staff members must uphold the highest standards and principles. Ethics and integrity are characterized by trust and respect for each other, collaborative decision-making, appropriate use of university resources, service to students, and the utilization of best practices within the field of student affairs and higher education.

Tradition and Pride

Our history, institutional pride, and university traditions foster shared experiences, connections, and contribute to lifelong memories and affinity with Rutgers.

Professional Affiliations

The Division of Student Affairs supports continuous learning of best practices and knowledge-sharing to better serve students and the university. The dynamic field of student affairs is always evolving, so in order to keep up with the latest trends, research, and policy, our staff belong to various professional organizations that develop and guide best practices. This commitment to ongoing learning helps us better serve our students and the university while ensuring that our staff retain their competitiveness in the workforce.

The Knight's Call

The Knight’s Call is a code outlining the values and expectations for all members of the Rutgers community. This code guides us as Scarlet Knights each day and remains with us always.

How will you answer the Knight's Call?

I Am Authentic

We have the freedom to be our genuine selves as we seek to find our place in this large community. We welcome differences and challenge assumptions as we endeavor to build connections that are sincere and meaningful.

Rutgers student Taylor

I Am Inclusive

Through discovery, dialogue, and development, we grow together in an environment free from judgment, stigma, and fear. We celebrate our diverse backgrounds and are committed to creating a place in the world where ideas, identities, and compassion converge.

Rutgers student Barakah

I Am Responsible

Upholding the highest values of trust, honesty, and integrity, we believe that our actions significantly impact our personal journeys, our communities, and our larger society. We are thoughtful leaders who protect each other, inspire action, and tackle formidable challenges.

Rutgers student

I Am Resilient

We come from all corners of the world and travel between many campuses and cities. Our Scarlet Pride is evident as we overcome obstacles with grace and grit while working to achieve our goals. Our greatest tradition is change and it drives us to persevere and ultimately succeed.

Rutgers student Jason

I Am Engaged

Our Rutgers experience ignites purpose within us and inspires us to get involved. We share our stories, discover our talents, collaborate with one another, and become better global citizens, all while applying the lessons we learn on the banks.

Rutgers student

I Am a Scarlet Knight

We take what we’ve learned and embody these values every day, on campus and wherever life’s journey takes us.

Scarlet Knight statue at the entrance to The Yard on College Avenue

I Am Rutgers

We take pride in our community knowing that together we will represent not only ourselves as individuals but the university that helped shape us.

Scarlet Knight statue at the entrance to The Yard on College Avenue
Rutgers student Taylor
Rutgers student Barakah
Rutgers student
Rutgers student Jason
Rutgers student
Scarlet Knight statue at the entrance to The Yard on College Avenue
Scarlet Knight statue at the entrance to The Yard on College Avenue