Student Affairs Staff

Department Leadership

Anne Newman
Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students

Carlos Fernandez
Director of the Center for Latino Arts and Culture

Cathryn Heath
Medical Director for Student Health

Dan Morrison
Executive Director for Residence Life and Associate Dean of Student

Dave Williams
Executive Director for Campus Recreation

Dayna Weintraub
Executive Director of Student Affairs Planning and Strategic Initiatives

Francesca Maresca
Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs - Health & Wellness

Jackie Moran
Director of Compliance and Title IX

Jacob Chacko
Director of the Asian American Cultural Center

Jakora Thompson
Director of the Paul Robeson Cultural Center

Joe Charette
Executive Director for Dining Services

Joseph Rudawski
Director of Student Affairs Technology

Kerri Willson
Director of Off-Campus Living and Community Partnerships and Associate Dean of Students

Keywuan Caulk
Director of the Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities

Laura Randolph
Director of New Student Orientation and Family Programs

Laura Randolph
Director of New Student Orientation and Family Programs

Michael Abdallah
Director of Marketing and Communications

Neela Patel
Interim Director for Student Centers and Activities

Rebecca Vazquez
Director of the Office for Violence Prevention and Victim Assistance

Shawna Rodgers
Director of Development and Family Engagement

Tininha Rosa Martins Cruz
Director of Student Legal Services

Dean of Graduate Student Life