2020 Elections and Opportunities for Students to Process Results


Dear Students,

Last week, President Holloway reminded you to honor those who came before you by encouraging you to exercise your right to vote in this year’s national and local elections. We also know that the act of voting carries with it the hopes and aspirations that we individually and collectively hold for our nation and communities in which we reside, work, and go to school. As a result, given the diversity of perspectives that our community represents, it is understandable that some will feel elated, disappointed, and unsure about the future once the results are announced and finalized. Given the unusual election year where we do not find ourselves together on campus, we want to provide you with virtual opportunities and resources to process the 2020 elections’ outcomes. If you would like to connect with other students or speak individually with someone, you can visit this webpage to learn about the available resources and opportunities to process and engage in the week ahead.

We encourage you to continue to engage with each other and discuss the issues that matter to you.  When we come together to listen and share, we contribute to strengthening our democracy and campus community.


Salvador B. Mena, PhD
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Rutgers University–New Brunswick