R Family Council

The R Family Council is a representative group of Rutgers–New Brunswick parents and families who:

  • Serve as an advisory group working in close collaboration the Division of Student Affairs to help families foster a positive and enduring connection to the university.
  • Commit to volunteering time, sharing knowledge, and expertise to programs that support the mission and goals of the Division of Student Affairs.

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2021-2022 R Family Council

  1. Scott Alexander, P'24
  2. Diane Castro-Flood, P'22
  3. Joanne DeMartino, P'24
  4. Merlene Fredericks James, P'24
  5. Pooja Goyal, P'24
  6. Lorraine Halpin, P'23
  7. Sheree Kelly, P'22
  8. Charlene and Donald Kerns, P'24
  9. Maria Marwill-Magee, P'24
  10. Renate H. Rapp, P'21
  11. Deborah Simmons, P'24
  12. Marilyn Thompson, P'23
  13. Lisa Tobin, P'24
  14. Cynthia Walker, P'21,23,24

R Family Council Responsibilities

Council Members act as liaisons to the Division of Student Affairs by supporting its mission, purpose, goals and in the following ways:

  • Welcoming new families to Rutgers
  • Encouraging, understanding, and communication between Rutgers and all parents and families
  • Supporting the programs of the department of Parent and Family Programs
  • Act as ambassadors for all parents and families

R Family Council Benefits

  • Shape the family experience
  • Learn about University resources
  • Hear from Rutgers Administrators
  • Network with Rutgers parents

If you are interested in learning more or becoming a member, complete our R Family Council Interest Form.

R Family Council Interest Form


Contact Mary Ann Schrum P’12, P’16, Parent and Family Engagement Coordinator at 848-932-1788 or email us at schrum@rutgers.edu.

Visit parents.rutgers.edu to connect with Rutgers Parent and Family Programs.

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